In case of liquid sampling from cargo tank on board, it is required to carry out closed sampling from ullage opening in general.

In accordance with SOLAS amendment 2000 requirement, ullage opening is to be proved with self-closing and tightly sealing cover for new tank ships keeling from 1st July 2002.
"MMC" Portable Sampling Device is constructed to draw up cargo sample at any desired level in tank by fitting on "MMC" Tank Gauging Station [vapor lock] Model. "ANK-52F" [Self-Closing Type], without releasing dangerous vapor from tank.

The liquid sample drawn up by the sampling bottle can be filled in the liquid container (bottle) without dismounting the sampling device from ullage opening. [ self-filling construction ]
Also, in case of Sampling more than 0.5 ltr. is required, it can be carried out sampling works repeatedly and easily.
Especially cargo liquid sampling device developed by MMC (ASIA) is designed to make its construction to do disassembling and washing easily for use several kinds of cargo liquids.
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