To carry out Cargo Liquid Sampling from cargo tank, It comes to mind simply that the sample liquid is drawn up by bottle through tank gauging hole. Moreover, it is required that this job must be carried out without releasing dangerous vapor from tank.[Closed Sampling]

For sampling of different kinds of chemical liquid, it is effective to use the device which can be disassembled and washed easily.

"MMC" Closed Cargo Liquid Sampling Device is portable type to be fitted on "MMC" Tank Gauging Station (Vapor Locks) installed on tank top. It is available to draw up cargo liquid sample in any desired level without releasing dangerous vapor from tank. Also in case the sample liquid is dangerous, the sample liquid kdrawn up by the "MMC" Sampling Bottlel can be filled to container (bottle) without taking out the Sampling Bottle from the device.
["Self-Filling Construction"]

Especially, the device developed by MMC (ASIA) has been designed and constructed to dis-assemble and wash easily for use of various kinds of chemical sampling.
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