This device is able to sample the cargo liquid (1.0 liter) from cargo tank through Vappor Lock Valve Model F-100.

The device consists of a Graduated Tape Reel Device [to lower and raise the Sampling Bottle in tank], Sampling Barrel, Sampling Bottle, and Sample Filler.

"Tape Reel Device" Model "GTR/W" is assembled with a Frame, a Tape Reel, and a Handle Mechanism for rotating of the Tape Reel.
The Graduated Stainless Steel Tape (JIS 1ST class) is wound in the reel, a Hook is fitted at the end of the Graduated Tape to hang Cargo Liquid Sampling Bottle.

The Cargo Liquid Sampling Bottle Model "1L89" is capable of sampling 1.0 liter capacity.
The container is designed as bottle shape to pass smoothly through the sounding pipe installed in tank, also to avoid contamination with dust or rust inside the sounding pipe.
Liquid sampling can be achieved at any required level by joggling (pumping action), due to the check valve mechanism (Teflon made ball) at the bottom of the Sampling Bottle.

The Sampling Barrel Model "100R460" is to be connected with Tape Reel Device by Snap/Hooks, and the Sampling Bottle can be stored.
Operational Note
After sampling the cargo liquid at desired level in the tank, the sampling bottle needs to be taken out from the device to fill the liquid to the sampling bottle.
For the device that the sampled liquid can be filled directly to the liquid container without taking out the sampling bottle, refer the device MODEL. RSTF/R-F. [Though the sampling capacity of RSTF/R-F is 0.5 liter, continuous sampling is available. ]
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