Model Number "N-2401-2" is Bi-Mode Function [Ullage/Temp] Device with Closed [Gas-Tight] construction which has been minor changed from original Semi-Closed construction of Triple Function Device Model "D-2401-2" for use in chemical tank ship.
In case the Chemical tanker for which the Oil-Water Interface Detector is required according to IMO Regulation, and also Closed (Gas-Tight) Device is requested by user, Model number for it becomes "N-2401-2/D-2401-2" in order to model number description approved by IMO.
[The theory and construction of Oil-Water Interface Detector is for detecting oil and water, incase this device is used for gauging in chemical tank, same material does not apply for all kind of chemicals, so it is recommended to use upon checking of chemical's nature against material of sensor. ]
View of Sonic Tape Fitted on Vapor Locks (Tank Gauging Station)
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